General Assembly
General Assembly committees are made up of the “big six assemblies,” or six largest and most important branches of the United Nations; the conflicts of global importance are discussed in the general assemblies. In addition, here economic, social, and cultural aspects of every dispute are analyzed, topics that are seen in these committees are the future of kids, the status of women, etc. Every branch has its own subdivisions, from where other UN committees are derived, with different goals and that work with each other to make the world a better place.

Special Application
Special Application committees are those which not always treat global problems, they usually are not committees which could be normally found in the branches of the big six General Assemblies either. Due to this, these committees often are completely different to those of the General Assembly, since they can treat more diverse, flexible and open subjects, it is also important to highlight that these require the same level of critical analysis and seriousness as any other. Another aspect that differs from those of regular committees is the protocol, since the directors of these can decide to vary it a bit in order to add a bit more of detail, or create a unique environment.

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