The process of preparation for the event varies from school to school, and from teacher to teacher. Normally, we recommend that students read the delegate preparation manual as it contains an overview of the foundation of the simulation and then offers practical examples of research preparation, problem analysis, writing, and public speaking. Then, each committee has its study guide with a broad and deep introduction of the topic to be debated in that committee, which must be accompanied by an individual investigation of each delegate to identify and faithfully represent the position of the assigned country.


In CRIMUN we use a debate protocol that combines unmoderated spaces for the writing of resolution clauses, with moderated debates so that delegates can debate and contrast ideas. It is a hybrid between the systems commonly called "American" and "European" to promote a healthy coexistence and maximize the teaching potential of the event.


Check out the Delegate Manual


The sponsors and associated schools of CRIMUN (Leadership Association for Academic Youth Excellence) receive training sessions for delegates and / or teachers throughout the year, given by Arick Dickerman (Professor of Model UN at Blue Valley School). Thanks to the financial support provided by both sponsors and partners, we can also offer these same workshops to public schools at no cost, in order to reduce the socioeconomic gap and empower future leaders wherever they study.

For more information about this program with public schools, you can visit our page about "Outreach" Training workshops for sponsors and partners can be coordinated with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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